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Our Mission

We help our BRANDs to achieve their desired Goals & Results!

We'll take care of everything you don't do for your BRAND!
Or we'll expand what you already do differently!

The First Platform For Micro-Small Entrepreneurs

What we offer you

We sell your Knowledge & Experience

We develop the return on your investments in Knowledge.

We generate learning for your audience

We share learning with your audience.

We enhance and make your Brand unique

Competition is not fought, but it is fooled!

We generate propagation to your audience

High Yield and Low Cost Propagation, not Traditional Advertising

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We have no competition

We are the ones who invest in your brand!

Get your Academy Department!

Capitalize on your investments

You took years and I invest in so many resources! Now let's make them pay off 24/7!

Generate your Learning

The highest quality of content is generated with learning.

Break-even point

Reduce Costs, Grow Revenues through your High Yield and Low Cost Campaigns.

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PROPAGA Campaignsl

Participate in the Campaigns!

We have 4 CIRCUITS of PROPAGA Communication Campaigns. Each with different types of Campaigns. All at your disposal!

Stefano Todaro

Founder PercorsiMPI

There are different ways to participate in the PROPAGA Campaigns: by Call, by Invitation and at your Request.

Stefano Todaro

Founder PercorsiMPI

You will be able to participate in each PROPAGA Campaign, with different Positions. Each has a Price proportionate to its degree of Online Visibility!

Stefano Todaro

Founder PercorsiMPI

There are different types of PROPAGA Campaigns. But all of them guarantee you High Yield and Low Costs that cannot be found in the Market!

Stefano Todaro

Founder PercorsiMPI

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